My knowledge

Yes, I know CSS and HTML. I know WordPress also.

I am using WordPress Online version only because I wanted to get this up the minute I had my Private Computer Access.

Just to clarify for all of you haters. =(


8 Responses to My knowledge

  1. dinu says:

    hmmm, that sounds good.. you think you can bring more of these images ?

  2. kOoLiNuS says:

    so, it’s spreading fast enough ? put this on Digg if not 🙂


  3. Manmohanjit says:

    I don’t think this is fake, guys come on. Give this guy a chance. I really think this is real. I wouldn’t think its fake. I haven’t see the so called Chrome Bar before.

  4. too bad you are just a faker. i pitty you
    you complain about haters? you probably hate yourself just the opposite of what you claim that others might hate you.

    read our message at:

    you are just a poor little fella. hope you get well again soon.

  5. fabrizio_testicalione says:

    Obviously fake:

    What a muppet.

  6. Chansen says:

    The Google letters are the wrong colors which is what makes me the most skeptical. Oh, and the fact you wrote “haters” in this post.

  7. don’t worry dude. don’t give explanations to jealous people. the moment the OS is launched all will know whether you were saying the truth or no.

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