I underestimated views.

WordPress just gave me the actual numbers for the 9th.

Not including Tweets, Blogs, Diggs….

Click for full sized!

124,381… WOW.

I thought I was at maybe 2,000. Only off by 122,000 views.

Anyways, again I apoligize that THIS many got fooled. But stay tuned.

I WILL use this blog for REAL Chrome OS News in the Future


10 Responses to I underestimated views.

  1. RogeR says:

    Agregale tambien el enlace de primera pagina que te coloco diarioti.com

    Q buena broma!!!

  2. […] en un post de su blog, se jactó de todas las visitas, linkeos, page views, etc. Que […]

  3. dinu says:

    so this was ur attempt to make your blog famous uhm ?

  4. evilripper says:

    you are in google news!! 😀
    Ok i added your blog in my fave!!

    bye bye

  5. Anony Mouse says:

    100k views does not mean 100k people fooled, fyi.

    • ano nym says:

      @Anony Mouse: Actually, probably more than 100k people were fooled. Lets face it, of those who read an article at Engadget/SlashDot/…, how many really take a look at the original post?

      20%? 30%?

      just a guess…

  6. 23191a says:

    As an OS Developer, this ( http://googlechromeos09.wordpress.com/ ) appears to be real. The guy alo claims to be an employee, and the UI is realistic.

  7. Sphincter says:

    Ur gay.

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